Massage Therapy MiamiWelcome to Greater Miami Massage Therapy, your South Florida center for the finest deep tissue massage. There is no "routine" here. Every massage is custom tailored based on the particular needs of the client.

Jeffrey Brown, Licensed Massage Therapist, will tune into your physical being and, through deep manipulation of the soft tissue, assisted stretching, and range of motion work, will restore the flow of energy and eliminate blockages.

Says Jeffrey,

I do not do "fu fu" massage. I work on dancers, athletes, dragon-boaters, and other people who are very physical and use their bodies hard to earn a living or for sport. I palpate tissue to identify muscular & other soft tissue problems and resolve them, using a variety of techniques, including but not limited to, Acupressure, Myofascial release, Swedish, Shiatsu, Trigger point, Neuromuscular, Vibration and Cross-Fiber Friction. I also am adept at ridding people of headaches and treating TMJ.

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Mr. Jeffrey Alan Brown
Massage Therapist, BS, LMT
(786) 487-6043

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