Help Stamp Out Drunk Massage Driving!

Massage Therapy Miami

Massage Therapy Miami

My philosophy regarding in-home versus traveling somewhere to receive treatment: When I finish, you go to the most comfortable spot in your house and relax; I fold up my table and leave.

The last thing you want to do after a massage is have to clean up, get dressed, drive, deal with traffic & get stressed out all over again.

Also, help stamp out drunk massage driving.

Example: A couple who are clients of mine were getting massages one day. The wife goes first and gets 2 hrs of deep tissue work. Her husband and I suggest she just chill. She insists on leaving to run an errand. Husband gets on the table.   Two minutes later, he gets a call.  She was in a minor fender bender up the street, not seeing someone backing out of the driveway.  I am fully convinced that had she not been in la-la land after her treatment, she would have been more alert, as massage does release endorphins.

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