Massage Therapy Miami

Greater Miami Massage TherapyWelcome one and all to the official home page of Massage Therapy Miami!  Although I can do relaxation massage, if that what someone wants, if I encounter muscular issues which need to be resolved I would hope the client is open to that.  Leaving the musculoskelatal structure in a more balanced and relaxed state is my goal.  The process of getting it there is not always relaxing but the lasting relief achieved is worth some temporary discomfort.  Working lightly can feel good but, unfortunately, usually results in little positive change to the tissue.

I do not do “fu fu” massage —  I work on dancers, athletes, dragon-boaters, and other people who are very physical and use their bodies hard to earn a living or for sport. I palpate tissue to identify muscular & other soft tissue problems and resolve them, using a variety of techniques, including but not limited to,  Acupressure, Myofascial release, Swedish, Shiatsu, Trigger point, Neuromuscular, Vibration, & Cross-Fiber Friction. I also am adept at ridding people of headaches and treating TMJ.  A former high school & collegiate athlete, I continue to be active with yoga, swimming, bicycling, and weight training.

My Facebook page, Greater Miami Massage Therapy contains reviews of my work, as well as health, fitness, nutrition, and massage related articles.  I have also been a swim coach and worked with several triathletes on their swimming technique.  I am a certified Personal Trainer, Swim Instructor, & Water Fitness Instructor.  I count a substantial number of massage therapists as clients.

I do assisted stretching for my clients, or as a woman from St. Thomas called it, “lazy person’s yoga.”  Fitness has three components: Strength, Endurance, & Flexibility.  The flexibility is most valuable because performing the other types without the maximum range of motion is less beneficial.